Hi and thanks for stopping by. I thought I'd take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself and the techniques I use to produce my prints.

I studied textile design and specialized in printed surface decoration. I love rich colour, pattern and design in general, all of which influences my work and printmaking is an exciting way to get colour onto paper. All of my prints are produced by hand on my treasured 1861 Victorian Albion printing press using oil based inks and Fabriano cotton rag paper.

I have two styles of work using the following two techniques - Lino Cut and Monotype. They achieve very different results but are equally enjoyable as the lino cutting is more precise and the monotype printing more painterly.

The technical bit!

Lino Cutting - This is a very old craft. The image is drawn onto the block of lino and areas that are not part of the final print are then cut away, leaving the image in relief. Ink is then rollered onto the block and paper is placed on top. Pressure is applied to the back of the paper using the press to transfer the ink onto the paper.

Monoprinting - The characteristic of this method is that no two prints are alike, although the images can be similar. The beauty of this media is in it's spontaneity and it's combination of printmaking, painting and drawing. This is a difficult technique to perfect as it's difficult to see what the final print will be and the image is in reverse!

When I get the chance I'll add more info and step-by-step pictures of my printing processes, so please drop in again.


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